Indian Summer


Explore and celebrate the exotic shapes, colors, and textures reminiscent of an Indian Summer.  While traveling through the southwest, I was inspired by the two most transformative times of the day - Dawn and Twilight. 

Indian Summer is #6 in the “Whole Is Greater” series of designs by Cat Nix.  What is the ‘Whole is Greater’ series about?  I proudly proclaim: I’m a fabri-holic.  I share the opinion of many quilters that, when it comes to fabric . . . more is definitely MORE! The more fabrics I bring into in a quilt design, the happier I become!  Through the marriage of design and color, the viewer is invited to look beyond the beauty of the composition as a whole to explore the subtle nuances that lie within the quilt itself.  The composition encompasses every patch, every stitch;  from center to edge.  Indian Summer is another stunning illustration of the “Whole” being “Greater than” the sum of its parts.

Indian Summer is composed of 1/2-Square Triangle and Fly Geese Blocks.  Blocks are arranged and assembled in sections.  A series of Borders finish the quilt.

A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted.  Many, many thanks Shawn Leighton for making “Indian Summer” look so good!

Quilt Size: 63 x 80 inches  

Every effort is made to present a well written, well illustrated, quilter-friendly pattern. Pattern includes: Cover Page, Yardage Information, & “Good to Know” Basics for Quiltmaking.  The color illustrations, diagrams & written instructions are specific to the making of "Indian Summer"

Click Here to see Indian Summer Up Close

Skill Level:  Confident Quilter

Fabric Requirements


• Block Assembly by Sections

• Making Border Sets

• Lapped & Mitered Border Instruction

• Binding Instruction

Useful Items:

Rulers: creative grids™ recommended

  1.     6-1/2 in. Square Ruler (CGR6)
  2.     6-1/2 x 12-1/2 in. Ruler (CGR612)

• Finger-pressing Tool

• 1/4 in Presser Foot with guide