One Quilter's journey

 “The road of life twists and turns
and no two directions are ever the same,
Yet our lessons come from the
journey, not the destination”. 

Quilting is my Chosen Path through Life's Journey

 I continue to learn so much along the way, not only about quilting but about Life and the many threads of truth that weave all creation together. Though accomplished in several forms of needlework, I most enjoy working with fabric, especially Batiks! 

As far back as I can remember, I've held needle & thread in hand.

 I love pulling needle & thread through fabric! I get such charge out of combining fabrics to create unique &exciting designs. I proudly proclaim: I’m a fabri-holic. I share the opinion of many quilters that, when it comes to fabric ...more is definitely MORE!

The more fabrics I bring into a quilt design, the happier I become!

Through the marriage of design and color, the viewer is invited to look beyond the beauty of the overall composition to explore the subtle nuances that lie within the quilt itself. The composition encompasses every patch, every stitch;  from the center to edge. Thus, the “Whole” is truly “Greater” than the sum of its parts. 

 I hope I can encourage you to take the quilting journey
and wish you piece-filled blessings along the way! 

Cat collaborated w/Paula Nadelstern to develop the “Puzzle Quilt Block of the Month”. Paula writes:

 “I recognize in Cat a kindred spirit with a love for complex fabric, she has a true grasp of my design sensibility. She strives to be an artist  who uses the vocabulary of quilt making to create a distinctive and  deliberate personal response.”

Cat teaches & lectures locally & beyond.  Debby Luttrell, of Stitchin' Heaven Travel, writes:

“In Cat's classes you  have the pleasure of experiencing a really great teaching style. Cat is  known for her patient attitude and putting her students at ease. The  quilt patterns she produces are of the highest quality.”

Cat resides with her family near Kansas City, Missouri